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Mika Mini Wand - Blue

Mika Mini Wand - Blue

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Product description:

Meet Mika, the first wand on the market to combine vibration, gentle warmth, AND turbo boost technology. Designed for users in their exploratory stage, Mika’s versatility allows consumers to grow with the brand. Each of Mika’s functions operates independently, allowing users to explore them one at a time. Once feeling comfortable, they can layer all of Mika’s functions simultaneously. Beginner-friendly pleasure doesn’t have to be vanilla or unimaginative. Exploring other sensations outside of vibration–like turbo boost or temperature play– is just as important in allowing users to feel liberated. With Mika, you can do just that.

12 speeds
Designed for G-spot and clitoral stimulation
XLR8 Turbo Boost
Gentle warming
Nubii motor
Power level: 1
Motor sensation: buzzy + subtle
Water submersible
SIZE: 1.73 x 9.05 inches

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